Water Purification

At Lee Supply we offer many different water conditioning systems through Watco and Simply Soft, including water softeners and Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Watco Water Softeners

Watco Water Conditioning is marketed exclusively by Lee Supply.  Lee Supply offers their customers a premium brand of water conditioning and purification products that are also competitive in the market.  Lee Supply stands behind the Watco name and products. We offer a 1 year warranty on service, and Watco offers a 3-5 year warranty on parts.

Simply Soft Water Softeners

We understand what a big role water plays in our everyday lives. Most people start their day by brushing their teeth, taking a shower and grabbing a cup of coffee or a glass of water on their way out the door. For that reason we have made it our mission to providing top quality products that help deliver you and your family the cleanest, best tasting water possible. 

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Through Watco we offer two new Reverse Osmosis Systems featuring high quality components and excellent performance at competitive pricing. These systems are completely assembled and ready to install.

Water Treatment Accessories

In addition to offering a complete line of water conditioning and purification products, we also offer a full line of water treatment accessories including: water softener salt, test kits, filters, replacement cartridges, drink faucets, adapters and fittings.