What is Dii?

Below is DII's Mission:


"Believing that all people are entitled to fulfill their potential, the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana exists to serve children, adolescents, and adults with specific language disabilities.


For  a quarter of a century, the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana Inc. (DII) has been the proven source for tutoring and support that enables individuals with dyslexia to overcome their unanticipated inability to read."


DII reaches their goals through wide variety of ways such as, Wells Multisensory Tutoring, Kid's Groups, Parents Groups, Camp Delafield, the Lending Library and more. 


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Lee Supply & Dii

The name Lee has been affiliated with DII for quite some time.

Bob Lee is on the Board of DII and his wife Paula Lee was a Tutor there for many years.


Four years ago Lee Supply started our "60 Days Makes a Difference" campaign asking for others to help support DII's great cause; bettering the lives of people living with Dyslexia. The participation we saw from our Customers, Vendors, Friends and Family was far beyond what we could've expected! We are very appreciative of everyone who contributed!


Over the last 4 years Lee Supply, along with contributions from our Customers, Vendors, Friends and Family, has raised over $120,000 for DII to help them continue to better the Hoosier Community. 


Thank you again to everyone who contributed. The video to the right will help explain why its important and the huge impact it has!  


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The Next Steps...

Although we have been successful in raising some money the truth is 1 in 5 children, right here in Indiana, need tutoring and support for excelling beyond their Dyslexia. DII is a not-for-profit organization that relies on contributions from their community to provide the excellent services they do.


"Each year we have students who are in need of financial assistance to start or continue in the programs.  As many as 65% of our students must receive this valued financial assistance to get the instruction that they so desperately need.  Your contribution to our fund will help us this year provide over 4000 hours of one on one and group instruction to more than 100 students!"


We encourage everyone to visit the DII link and read more about their Mission and Methods. If you feel compelled to support the cause along with us you can contact DII through their site or email info@diin.org.

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