Lee Direct FAQs

If you can't find an answer below, contact us and we'll be happy to help. You can call us at 317-550-2981 or email us weborder@leesupplycorp.com.

Account Information

How do I sign up for Lee Direct?
You can sign up by going to the sign up page here.

What if I don’t have an account with Lee Supply, can I still signup?
You can still sign up. If you’re not presently a Lee Supply customer, please contact us at (317) 290-2500 for assistance.

What if I don’t know or can’t remember my customer ID?
Your Customer ID can be found on your invoice or if you call your local Lee supply branch, someone will be happy to assist you. Find the nearest Lee Supply location here.

What if I can’t remember my password?
If you cannot remember your password you can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password?” link.

What if I cannot remember my username?
If you have your account number you can call us at (317) 290-2500 and we will be happy to assist you.

Do you offer any training?
We do offer online training sessions to all new users. To schedule a training session appointment give us a call at (317) 290-2500 or click here. We also offer training videos, as well as training manuals.

What if I want to remove a user from my account?
If you would like to remove a user from your company’s account give us a call at (317) 290-2500.

Why can’t I see my account balance and other account information?
If you cannot see your account balance and other account information it could be because your permission level does not allow you to view account information. If you think this is an error please have your account admin contact us to change the permission level.



How can I view past orders?
You can view past orders by going to “My Orders” in under orders where you will be able to see open, shipped, and invoiced orders.

Can I save a cart to place my order at a later time?
You can save your cart by clicking on the cart and then clicking on the save cart link. The cart will then be placed in the Saved Carts under “My Orders”. To resume your order at a later time simply select the desired saved cart and continue your checkout or ordering. 
* After you have completed an order from a saved cart, the selected saved cart will no longer be available.

Can I create my own Standard Orders?
While you can have us create standard orders for you, you can also create your own. To create a standard order place the desired items in the cart and on the cart page click Save Standard Order. Name your standard order and it will be saved in the standard order section.

Can I view inventory levels at other branches?

Yes, if an item is out of stock at you current Lee Supply branch, then we we will show you all of the locations where it is available. I you are having trouble viewing inventory from other branches, you may need to be setup to view inventory levels. Contact us to get set up.

Can I change where I pick up or where my product is delivered from?

Yes, on the shopping cart page you can change the location by clicking on the link labeled "Select Branch". If you do not see this link you might need to be set up with permissions to select other branches.