With Lee Direct you will have access to our online catalog of thousands of items as well as our account management software to make the ordering process easier and more efficient. You can place orders, check availability, see account balances and more with Lee Direct Online. 

Order Anytime and Anywhere

With Lee Direct

Key Features

Order Quickly With Product Groups (Kits)
Save the items you order most and create predictable sets of product groups for future orders. This feature will help you quickly and easily purchase the items you use most, which will help you cut down on wasted time spent searching for products.

Extensive Catalog

The new Lee Direct has even more products to choose from, with over 300,000 items. The product descriptions are more detailed, include spec sheets, and have even more pictures than before. With Lee Direct users can also create their own custom catalogs of all the items they purchase most. 

Account Management

Users can easily check account balances, view invoices, and view past checks all with the same login and on the same site as the web order.

Order Anytime and from Anywhere
Place orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week with Lee Direct. Whether you are checking your account balance, reviewing a shipment, or placing an order, we have monitors in place to insure that our site is up 100% of the time. 


Better Performance

Lee direct is not only faster, but you'll also have no problem finding the items you are looking for with our advanced search, better descriptions, custom catalogs, and quick browsing features. In a matter of seconds you can place an order, check past orders, and view account balances.

Custom Catalogs

Create custom catalogs at the customer and user level for the items you order most. This can significantly save time when browsing for items.

Getting Started

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Key Benefits

Skip the Lines at the Counter

Save time by placing your orders instantly online through Lee Direct. With our easy to use online ordering process you’ll be able to avoid the wait, which makes the ordering process more efficient and guarantees our users are always first in line. The new Lee Direct is open 24 hours a day, which gives our customers the ability to order anytime and from anywhere which translates into a more flexible ordering process. 

Easy to Use User Interface

Lee Direct is easy to use, but still has all of the features you need to place orders and manage your account. Use the search feature to quickly find items or even discover new ones.

  • Use the Standard Orders or Quick Order features to place orders at lightning speed.

  • View account balances, print invoices and even check the status of an order.

  • Each feature is designed with the customer in mind to ensure user can get started with little effort.

Same Great Customer Service

Whether you have a question about a product, experience a technical issue, or just checking the status of an order we are here to help. With Lee Direct you'll receive  the same legendary customer service as you would when ordering in person or over the phone. Our dedicated team is here to help through every step in the process.

Visit our Lee Direct Support page to find valuable resources and contact information.

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