When you are installing PE-RT or PEX tubing, there are times when the conditions are not ideal. When high up on the ladder, making connections between joists or below in confined spaces, you want a connection system that is simple, self-confirming and verifiable.

Faster to Install

SmartClick is five times faster to install than any other PE-RT or PEX fitting. In seconds you have a permanent connection without using any tools No measuring, crimping, cinching, expansion tools, or go/no go gauges are necessary when using this patented connection system.

Cut the tubing and insert until you hear the click and in seconds you are finished. The spring steel clamp inside SmartClick closes around the outside of the tube sealing it onto the insert barb with two EPDM O-rings completing the connection.

Audible Verification

You know when you have a completed connection read for use when you hear the click. Insert the tube into the connection until you hear the click. The spring steel retention wedge holds the clamp open. The click you hear is the tube pushing the wedge out of the clamp. 

Visual Verification

SmartClick is the only PEX and PE-RT fitting system that you can quickly verify by sight. Through the sight glass you will see that the retention wedge has been displayed from the clamp. This visual verification confirms that you have made a secure, permanent and leak free connection.


Under normal operating conditions of a typical plumbing system the plastic tubing may expand and contract causing movement and extreme force on the tube and connections. The SmartClick spring steel clamp maintains a constant clamping pressure on the tube that will not waken over time and will withstand the forces due to movement of the tube. SmartClick is a permanent connection.

3 Easy Steps





The time to insert PE-RT or PEX into a SmartClick Connector is a fraction of the time required for other fitting systems. You eliminate the hassle and time necessary for handling multiple components and tools.

To complete a plumbing system for a four bedroom, three and a half bath house utilizing either PE-RT or PEX tubing will require approximately 100 connections.

Other connections systems require multiple components, tools and gauges for a completion and verification. The SmartClick connection system requires no tools and makes a permanent and verifiable connection instantly. When you hear the click, you know the connection is complete and it is instantly verifiable through the sight glass. SmartClick is easy and five times faster.


The major body components of SmartClick are constructed of extremely resilient polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). PPSU is commonly used to manufacture plumbing product components and fittings. The clamp and wedge are made of spring steel. Before activated by the inserted tube, the retention wedge and clamp are one piece. The tube seals onto the insert barb when the spring steel clamp compresses around the outside of the tube. The sight glass allows for a visual inspection by seeing the wedge removed from the clamp.

SmartClick meets or exceeds all standards and requirements for potable water systems. It is for use in potable water plumbing and hydronic systems utilizing PE-RT (ASTM F 2769) or PEX (ASTM 876/877). SmartClick is patented and is exclusively from Legend.