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Customer Guide: Sump Pumps


Sump pumps are used to remove groundwater from around your house.  They collect water from around your foundation and direct it away from your house.  Having a working sump pump can save thousands of dollars in damage, so it is important to have the correct sump pump to fit your needs.  Before you purchase a sump pump, there are a few factors to consider.  This guide is designed to help you find out what will work best for you.


At Lee Supply, we stock a full range of sump pumps from the best manufacturers in the business.  We stock a range of pumps from Zoeller, Glentronics and Ashland as well as selected pumps from Liberty.  


Types of Sump Pumps


There are two styles of sump pumps-pedestal pumps and submersible pumps.  

The main difference between the two styles is the position of the pump motor.  In the case of pedestal pumps, the motor is mounted on a shaft above the sump basin.  With submersible pumps, the motor is sealed water-tight and is inside the basin.  In most cases, the subersible pump is prefferred due to quieter operation and the cleaner look it provides.


Sump pump sizing


Probably the most important step in selecting your pump is deciding which size is correct for your house.  Lee Supply professionals can help a great deal in this process, but there are a couple of basics that you should know when shopping for your pump.  It's helpful to know how high the water needs to be lifted up to drain away from your home,  this is known as "head pressure".  The default head pressure is considered 10 feet of lift.  The other factor is the capacity, which is the measurement of how much water actually needs to be pumped out.  This is measured in gallons per minute.  The size of your basin, type of soil and water coming into your basin all factor into your GPM.  


A common sizing mistake on sump pumps is putting too big of a pump in your basin.  Doing this will cause the pump to kick on and off too often, which will eventually burn out the motor. This is called "short cycling".


Battery Back Up Pumps


We also offer options for Backup Pumps which are a second pump installed in the pit incase the primary pump fails. These are typically hooked up to a battery so the pump will opperate even if the power to the house is lost. 


We stock primarily Glentronics Battery Back Up Pumps. 


Other considerations


There are more choices to make when selecting a pump, here are a few of them:


  • Some brands and models include switches with their pumps.  Others need to be bought seperately and have multiple switch options.

  • Pumps made from corrosion free materials such as stainless steel and cast iron can have longer lives than others.

  • Some brands include "smart" features that will alert you if the water level is too high or there is a pump malfunction.


If you're installing your new pump yourself, you need to make sure to have all of the material needed to complete the hookup.  You'll need:


  • 1-1/2" or 2" MIP PVC fitting (needed to connect pump to pipe)

  • PVC drain pipe 

  • PVC coupling (if old pipe was cut to remove pump)

  • Check valve

  • PVC cement

  • Float switch (if one is not included with pump)

If you have any further questions or comments on sump pumps, please call us or e-mail below. We have a team full of people ready to help.


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