Intro to Water Softeners Guide

Hard water in a home can cause costly plumbing breakdowns and can take a toll on all faucets and appliances being supplied. There are many other inconveniences hard water causes in a home, some of which are discussed below. One of the ways home owners handle hard water is through use of a Water Softener. Working in our industry it’s important to have an understanding of water softeners and how they work. This flyer will serve to do just that.


Risks of Hard Water:

Hard water is water that has high mineral content – particularly calcium, magnesium carbonate, and manganese. Iron is also a factor commonly used when discussing hardness. When these minerals have a high concentration in the water it has undesirable characteristics. These are collectively called the “hardness”. The higher the concentration of these minerals the higher the hardness of the water becomes.

Hard water typically doesn’t cause health issues; therefore, reducing hard-water is primarily about

reducing the risk of future repair expenses. When the hard-water causing minerals are heated they form a scale that can cause many issues in a home. This scale may also be referred

to as lime scale.


Below are some of the issues scale can cause:


Scale builds up in plumbing lines and restricts the flow of water to the faucets and fixtures it is supplying.

 Scale negatively impacts all water heating appliances, increasing the possibility of failure.

o Dishwashers
o Coffee makers
o Hot Water Dispensers

Scale builds up on the inside of a water heater making them more likely to fail. 

Signs of Hard Water:

Many of the problems created by hard water are hidden until some type of break-down occurs in a home’s plumbing system or a water-using appliance. For this reason it is important to be proactive about testing the home’s water to see if a softener is needed. Home owners can also look out for some of the signs below:

  •   Soap and Shampoo don’t lather well

  •   Dishes are spotted after washing

  •   Bath tub/Shower walls have a layer of soap scum

  •   Coffee maker has scale deposits


** We stock a test kit to test the hardness of a home’s water, as well as iron levels and PH. It is Lee Item 215971. In addition to selling these, we can use one at the counter to test the water for you. If you bring water in for testing, please use an outside spigot and let the water run for a minute before collecting.